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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by kalelvis View Post
I haven't heard (and can't really find anything about 50 million for Bale to return.) Warner's will want to try to cut costs and I can't imagine them wanting to spend a forth of the budget for one actor.

Most of the talk about Batman is coming from fan speculation. Really there isn't much news about anything with this movie yet so i feel there is great potential for people start getting excited when the news does start trickling out.

I remember when the pic hit of Cavil in costume in front of the safe and people were debating everything from his hair to did he have trunks or not, now it is pretty much accepted as a pretty iconic image.

Imagine if the first picture from the sequel is Clark Kent interviewing Bruce Wayne....that to me will be thrilling.

I do completely understand the wish for a great MoS solo sequel but I do think that all the things I want to see (Clark as a reporter, Clark and Lois establishing their banter at the Planet, Superman struggling with what happened in the battle, Lex coming off as a good guy until the truth is revealed) all happening in a movie with Batman in it.

Is there the potential for the filmmakers to screw the pooch, yes with every movie....but if they nail it, it will the wish fulfillment of a billion comic book nerds.

Something to consider is that they are borrowing quite a bit from Byrne's MoS miniseries as well as some of the other sources often listed (Birthright, etc). The entire third issue was spent with Superman and Batman dealing with each other, because in the DCU the relationship between these two characters is monumental. It has to be that way in the DCCU as well or Justice League will never work.

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