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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
Okay, so it isn't a sequel now. Gotchya. For all we know, rumors are the new truth if logic serves its purpose in this thread.

It may. Or, it may be a Superman film with Batman in it with the mind to branch off to bigger and better things....

Why is it odd to you? Probably because this could be a continuation of MOS, one option to where you refuse to believe in. That's why it's odd..

Talk about a statement being blown WAY out of proportion. But, I can see a fanboy running away with THAT one. Yes, Snyder and WB must of choked each other out many of times during this ongoing battle of hatred between the two camps, so much, that they ALL return.

The disappointing Henry Cavill from Man of Steel will be featured in more Superman movies than Brandon Routh from Superman Returns. Again, those "right" critics are STILL awaiting SR2.

So I guess that's really irrelevant. The numbers he plucked from thin air was NEVER..EVER going to happen. MOS brought in the numbers WB was expecting.

WB gave the greenlight to feature The Flash T.V series with the success's of Green Arrow. Not too long ago, Cavill posed with a picture of the actor for GA and the rumor has it that WB and their successful T.V franchise's could indeed crossover for the first time ever. So, yeah, there's your Flash announcement, who we could VERY well see turn into the big-screen in future investments.

Not happening. Sorry your letter didn't pan out.
Yes, it seems for the next years TV will be the focus for DC characters and not films. Other than Batman and team-ups - pending on how well this next film does.

I've heard CW is considering a WW series too.

The Flash announcement was a disappointment to me as I wanted a Flash film in the next few years. Not likely now.

As to MOS, WB looks at the holds/drops. MOS had very poor legs along the lines of GL. That drove the change of direction away from another stand-alone Superman film IMO. It was apparently sudden and Snyder is not happy with it.

I'd expect a focus on a stand-alone Batman for maybe as early as 2017 and maybe a second Bats and then, with the TV series and all, a JL film. 2020, 2021? Cavill finishing out his run in that film I suppose.

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