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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by dsupes View Post
New here. I have been an avid Superman fan since I could crawl lol. I pretty much pretend SR didn't happen--in great part because of KB! I pretty much had a nerdgasm when I found out out AA had been cast (I'm female, btw, lol, but have great respect for her work).

Maybe because I'm a woman, I don't have the same kind of concerns guys have about her looks, but I do think she's quite attractive and actually attractive in the way I'd expect for LL. I thought KB was too pretty, I can't explain it. She looked more like a model than LL, it was weird.

AA on the other hand, has just the right amount of fiestiness paired with charm /charisma to plus this off imo. Not to mention she is a stellar actress. I feel so pleased to see her playing this role!

(NGL, am a little bothered by the Lana hair, but I'll let it go lol)
Welcome to the boards!!

I agree with you and honestly, I don't think that KB is a bad actress, but she just wasn't right for the role, and I had a hard time buying that she was old and distinguished enough to be the mother of a 5 year old and be a pulitzer prize winning journalist. I would have thought that Lois would needed to have been in her early to mid 20's during the time before Superman left Earth (the same way that she looked in SR in other words) before the 5 year skip. Not to mention that the film didn't allow her to distinguish herself as a main character outside of her connection with Superman imho.

Before any serious romance happens between Superman and Lois, I think they need to be established strongly as individual characters; in the sense where like how Marvel had gone about it with their Marvel Cinematic Universe; you want to build up these characters to be likable as solo characters first before putting them together so that when they're positively received by viewers, then it can add to the whole desire on wanting to see them together..not to mention, when we see them do their own thing, we can still enjoy the film as well.

I think/believe that Amy has the skill set to really make her portrayal of Lois memorable, especially if she's been given a good arc to work with as a solo character.

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