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Default Re: How would u like the X-men from the future to be introduced?

I think about his way more often then it is probably healthy.

Scene cuts into the future days with grey skies as group of battle ready Cyclops, Bishop, Colossus, and Storm are somberly staring at the grave sites of a number of X-men primarily focusing on Professor X's and Jean Grey's grave. Cyclops is fighting tears as Storm cuts in and confesses that she has a confession.

cutscene to a few hours earlier
Cyclops and other original X-men are in their 60's hiding away in the savage land with other mutants from sentinel patrol. Humans have been extinct due to miscalculations of Mastermold's AI that triggered Sentinels to wipe out both humans and mutants. Only the most powerful mutants had the ability to survive and escape.

After searching out the strongest squad of surviving mutants planet wide with a mega-cerebro built by Forge and manned by Nathan Summers, Cyclops will lead them into an assault on the main sentinel base. An extremely rare prism gem used to power mastermold has the ability to also be the power source that can trigger Forge's time machine to work.

Cyclops intends on bringing with him his son cable, but Forge convinces Cyclops that cable is needed in case sentinels discover the savage land to defend the remaining mutants while the most powerful have departed for war.
very emotional scene for Scott as he says by to his son who he is most proud of for possibly the last time, but promising he will return

Cut scene back to the cemetery where Storm informs cyclops that the mission was basically a suicide mission but Cyclops cuts her off and lets her know that he knew already that this mission was really a diversion to send Cable back in time. He realized everyone was conspiring against his better judgement to send himself back in time due to the potential phsyical strain of time travel threatning his aging body. He admits the reality of it was he just couldn't bring himself to say goodbye to the last family he had left. Then he tells her this isn't a suicide mission and that they're giving these sentinels hell.

After landing EPIC battle ensues that makes the Avengers final scene look like a muppets scene, including, Bishop flying into the compound in a blackbird full of massive bombs that decimates most of the compound- and he survives. Storm, sending a thunderstorm of just lightning bolts at wave after wave of sentinel. Cyclops leveling an entire horizon of Sentinels with an omni blast. only to be devestated when only another sky blanketing wave launch from underground. Bishop is heaved into the sky by Colossus into the wave of machines and recreates the explosion from the bomb earlier wiping out a legion of sentinels.

Even More sentinels appear and the mutants are losing ground. Cyclops issues one last omni blast leveling another wave before getting blasted by a sentinel. That sentinel is mastermold, who is drawn out for the first time into battle. That's when the mutants pull out their trump card: Magneto. aged and withered his last feat is his greatest as his breaks off a piece of the moon and sends mastermold and the rest of the sentinels into a collision course with a meteor shower.
Mutants fall into relief and reflection as magneto falls lifeless from the sky. It is bittersweet victory. The world is at ruin, all had lost loved ones but at least the sentinel reign was over.

Cable is sent back in time to prevent the event that caused the mutant scare.

He is successful in preventing the event and travels back to the future, the same year. Everything appears much better. The world is much more technologically advanced, People are lively in the street, but most people are at bars and clubs cheering what seems to be an event as big as the superbowl. There is a gigantic screen in the city he is at and appauled at what he witnesses. two mutants, wolverine and gambit are tossed into a colosseum with 100 of thousands of raging fans. A powerful voice tells them for their rebellion they are to fight each other to the death or battle an army of trained killers as the camera zooms on their opposition: The juggernaut, Sinister, and Omega red. The camera then moves to the owner of the powerfful voice and it is non other then Apocalypse

Next movie Age Of Apocalypse.

in age of apocalypse it is revealed that Apocalypse had given the USA the technology to develop the sentinels knowing it would malfunction and cause humanity's extinction.

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