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Default Re: How would u like the X-men from the future to be introduced?

I say that they should try to invite back all of the cast from the past 3 films. have everybody come in to do cameos.

Alan cumming version of night-crawler
Kelsey grammer version of beast
Jean grey
Ice man
professor x
kitty pride (Ellen Page)

And basically it's very similar to the days of future past cartoon episode just bishop isn't the star of the story.and it's an alternate future which explains why certain x men are still alive.

and magneto is working with the tyler mane version of sabertooth, toad and mystique along with the morlocks, juggernaut, multiple man and pretty much everyone we saw in x3.

and basically it's a dark bleak future where mutants die and get killed.

wolverine is leading the resistance and it's something similar to terminator salvation but on a routine mission he gets killed the way he does in the comic book while along side storm and colossus.

after the loss of wolverine -- there is alot of sadness and pain at the loss. they preserve his adamantium skeleton to honor his memory.

i would even show cameo of william stryker working with bill duke as trask as the creators of the sentinels. and there is a point where the x men run into them because they were the co-creators of the sentinels and they learn that maybe had something been prevented in the 1970's then the sentinels would not have been created.

out of desperation they come up with the idea of time travel. this is where they can reveal and basically forge, professor x, kelsey grammer version of beast and magneto create a time machine out of cerebro.

and so basically the resistance devises a way to send back somebody to change a preventable event in the 1970's using cerebro.

and they choose Ellen page and basically once she arrives in the past

there is a point in the story where they encounter wolverine in the past
and he is the same bone claws wolverine from the flashback scene in The wolverine as well as the "go f**k yourself" wolverine from the first class cameo.

i would do that.

and in the final battle wolverine gets his bone claws damaged/crushed and ripped out.

and a younger william stryker played by a different actor than danny houston - approaches wolverine and he volunteers for the weapon x project and this is where he meets silver fox, tyler mane version of sabertooth, and maverick.

and when ellen page returns to the future she learns that the future hasn't been changed.

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