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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Lei D Loki View Post
When Tom was talking about how Loki can do a 180, I thought he would be talking about how Loki can be bad one moment, then nice the next. I was so relieved that's not what he meant. Like I keep saying in this thread, I want a chaotic Loki.

When he talked about how everyone will have opinions on what happened in Avengers and that Thor and Loki being on Earth while things are happening in Asgard, I thought maybe some people were not happy that Thor was even on Earth instead of taking care of things in Asgard.

Also, there must be different opinions on how Loki should be punished. Surely Frigga would propose more leniency being a mom. I wonder if Loki got any sympathy from the Warriors 3 and Sif?

Re: the drunk Tom thread in ONTD. I didn't get any sense at all from any of the comments that they were vilifying Tom for getting drunk. However, there were posts there that I didn't like. Those implying that Tom is some over-privileged dude who don't care about poor people because of the pics of him holding trays of food and drinking wine and having fun at a posh event. WTF? The guy was just invited to a party and people took pictures of him having fun. Yes, he is privileged but I doubt that he was in that party laughing at poor people.

I do agree that ONTD posters are hypocritical and love bringing down any celeb. They love criticizing Tumblr fans for being crazy and whatnot, which may be true, but they are no different. At least Tumblr fans are crazy in their love of their idols whereas ONTD members are crazy in their hate.
As do I. Even as Joss Whedon said, he wasn't to sure about Loki cause he was..I quote him.. "too sympathetic" in Thor 1, he was concerned about the character in the avengers, however, he said it was better cause he made him in the avengers basically "how he is written in the comics"

though he was a bit chaotic in thor 1, he did manipulate his way to the thrown. I don't want a soft sympathetic loki either, chaotic works perfectly. Chaotic and selfish

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