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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Ehhh no the LOS never makes sure the Gotham or any place they destroy builds itself up again. They go in, the destroy, they move on and leave things to it. Where did ya ever hear Ra's say they make sure the places they destroy fix themselves up after?

Ra's was the leader of the LOS and he was gonna kill himself. If the leader was suicidal for the cause then so were the men.
You're not really getting into details, are you? Lol. I stated that the rest of the League didn't sacrifice themselves and you're going into detail on what I said without continuing the topic of me saying the rest of the League didn't go on a suicide mission? When nothing suggests the entire LoS was on a suicide mission doesn't mean you get to grasp at straws with that the League won't try to continue on and just die with Ra's al Ghul.

Weakest motive yet.
While you think it's a weak motive, it's fine. Like I said...all we're doing is throwing mud at each other since we're never going to actually change the mind of one another.

Truth can be harsh sometimes. I get ya don't want to see it that way. It sucks I know, but ya can't sugar coat things for what they are.
Well, I should take your word for it...I mean, even you don't want to see that TDKR is indeed a great film

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