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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Ehhh no if Ra's was willing to die on that train for his cause then so were all of the LOS. It shows they were dedicated to their cause. Ra's smashed up the brakes and all after bats came on board and tried to stop the train.
Only an assumption. Saying the LoS would sacrifice themselves if Ra's did brings up the question of how in the world the LoS could have survived for centuries if they'd always sacrifice themselves even if the leader does.

I ain't trying to change your mind mon ami. If ya think Bane's motive was just to be better than Ra's when ya compare that to the motives of Ra's and Joker, ya see how crap it is.
Being better than the man who banished you. I don't see how it's a weak motive. It's a motive to prove that they're better.

Well only a foolish person would see something they don't believe.
Not believing TDKR is indeed great; yah, I see what you mean

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