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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
I'm fine with that to but they never conversed... it was just Talia talking. Bane didn't utter a single word during the Talia reveal until she left. Granted Hardy did a great job physically but actual interchange between the two I felt was missing.
Bane was full of rage from his mask being broken and emotion from Talia's speech that I doubt he could really utter anything to her until after she left. I think that one tear spoke enough from Bane's point of view, imo.

This is a conversation I would have loved and it could easily have happened during any of the sewer scenes or when Gotham was occupied. I got the impression that Bane didn't even know Selina existed.
It definitely did feel like Bane didn't even know Selina existed, but he had to; it just wasn't shown with no conversation between the two. I was actually hoping for something between the two in the sewers, but nothing. Which sucks, because if Bane was meant to be some mirror image of Batman, I would've liked to see at least Selina talk to him since both Selina and Miranda/Talia spoke to Bruce throughout the film.

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