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Default Re: Uncanny Plot Similarities between The Dark Knight Rises & Batman Begins (SPOILERS

Quoted for truth. The script was laced with laziness. Blake and his magic ability to deduce Batman's identity based on a look being the laziest and most stupid of them all.

Tim drake deduced batmans identity in a similar fashion in the comics. What's wrong with someone having a strong intuition?

Yup I noticed that. Bane's prologue was a copy of Joker's one. They even put in the Skyhook from the Hong Kong scene in TDK.

The skyhook is employed to tell the viewer that bane is as dedicated and capable as batman in his prime. The prologue certainly isn't a carbon copy just because it introduces the viewers to the central villain.


LOS didn't even need any wrapping up. Begins left diddly squat to tie up with them. The only things Begins left dangling was Crane on the loose and the Joker card, and TDK dealt with both of 'em.

In BB one rha's dies but every other league member knows who batman is. The evil they tried to bury rises.

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