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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
but one poster said you can't base on the youtube viewing as he put up the scott pilgrim vs the world as example.

One poster? Really??? Who is this poster? And what are the results of this posters findings?

How in the WORLD can someone compare "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" to such an iconic figure as in "Superman"!? Seriously? What a joke comparing such films/trailers as evidence of anything! Your talking about a film that cost only 85 million to make in which there was barely any serious marketing involved, compared to a blockbuster in Sups which cost almost 200 Million in which WB is gonna market the crap out of!!! Really?

All I can say is use your common sense as I do. And as "Rush" stated, MOS is in a great spot to make some serious dough, maybe more then any one of us previously thought. The results of talk and how crazy viral this trailer has went speaks for itself.

You can't be serious?!

The Morningstar: "Making Superman dark is probably the dumbest idea ever. It goes against everything that the character represents."

"But there is nothing wrong with making a film about him a bit edgier and less corny."

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