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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
What a weird example. Considering that it's trailer doesn't even have 2 million views (the highest viewed SPVTW video is a music video with less than 7 million views).

Now don't get me wrong. Trailer view count on YT is no indication of a movies success. Even though I'd guess most movies with over 20 mil. trailer views have been successful - but those with much less as well. Let's just say that, IM3 is not going to outgross Avatar, or The Avengers, just because it has a higher view count.

It does however indicate interest. (The first full Avengers trailer didn't get so many views in a year) Interest and hype. The interest and reaction has been pretty much as good one could hope for, for an extended teaser trailer, which is what I consider the MOS trailer #2 to be. Green Lanterns first full trailer got no hype, not even 5 million views in all this time and most of the GA who have seen it have laughed at it.

Another fun fact; MOS had more tweets in it's first 24 hours of the trailer debut than TDKR did last year.

I personally have underestimated the drawing power of such a pop-culture icon such as Superman. For too long I have been listening how he has huge hurdles to overcome with the GA, how there is little interest in Superman and how he is not even close in movie popularity to the likes of Batman, Spider-Man and even Iron Man. Now this may be true, but the other points have been grossly exaggerated for too long and I fell in the trap of that. People like Superman and they want to see a GOOD Superman movie.

Also, the various misconceptions that Superman has to overcome? One measly trailer already took care of that for millions of people. I lost count of how many posts I saw from people who never liked him and are now interested. People are saying Superman looks awesome, interesting and most human he ever did - i.e. relatable.

Signs are good, however, the ball is now in WB's court. It will be interesting to observe what they do in these last 6 months to build on this hype. Trailer #3 will be very important.

Like it or not, they have to win over the Transformers and The Avengers crowd with that one. It's funny how in pre-production all Snyder kept saying is how Superman has to kick ass and we've seen none of that. But that was smart. However, the gloves must come off in the final trailer.

Also, Zod. Show Shannon go crazy will be enough to create hype for the villain. And show some fun. A 10 second scene that makes the viewer/audience laugh can go a long way. Since the main two complaints (in the minority compared to the majority of positive reactions though) are that the film looks too drab and that Superman only looks awesome but doesn't do anything awesome. Other than the take-off. It's funny, even after all the flying we've already seen in movies, people still get excited over Superman taking flight.

I think this film will be successful no matter what. A 500 million WW should be a lock at this point. And im being a realist now (although I'm sure someone will claim this to be fanboy dreams...). Anything else is a bonus. But I do believe that a kick-ass final trailer and strong marketing in the last 4-5 months can achieve surprising success.

All this assuming the movie turns out as good as it looks of course.

Agree. You explained it perfectly! I edited my post, go back and read it... 2 post up from yours.

Great POST!!!

The Morningstar: "Making Superman dark is probably the dumbest idea ever. It goes against everything that the character represents."

"But there is nothing wrong with making a film about him a bit edgier and less corny."
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