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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by EtherMagic View Post
If anyone wants to know the reactions of the public, why don't you guys just look at the number of likes and dis-likes on WB's Official MOS Trailer on Youtube? Its a huge hit, went Viral and has everyone talking. There are sooo many Newbie questions in the YouTube comments, it's just crazy.

The MOS Official Vid as of right now has over 20 Million views, has 80,258 "LIKES" compared to 3,811 "Dis-Likes", and keep in mind that the vast "VAST" majority of this feedback is coming from non-biased nutural members of the GP.

To brake it down, this means for every 21 people who watch the trailer, only 1 person dislikes it. Or... For every 84 people who watch it, less then 4 people dislike it. Thats incredible for a trailer! Almost 97% of the General Public is giving MOS a thumbs up! They are obviously intrigued and or excited from what they saw.

Compare the MOS trailer to say... The Amazing Spiderman Official Trailer, and its not even fair! TASM has over 20 Million views, about the same as MOS, and has 28,415 "LIKES", compared to 4,122 "DisLikes"!!! So it has almost 3 times less likes and about 300 more Dislikes then MOS! And that trailer been up for 10 MONTHS!!!

This just shows how excited, interested, intrigued people are about this Trailer.

I also remember about 2 weeks after TDKR Official Trailer was released, it was at just over 17 Million Views, MOS trailer beat that many views already in less then a week. Don't ask me whats going on, but people are talking about it.

When I showed up at my Business a couple days back I asked my employee's if they have seen the new MOS trailer yet, and everyone of them but 1 told me yes, and there were about 7 people working that day. One employee told me all his friends were talking about it just the day before, with all good things to say.

The numbers speak for themselves, it's incredible how much attention this trailer is getting, and its also incredible how much good press the trailer is getting aswell! Lets just all site back, enjoy the ride, and impatiently wait for June 14th to arrive.

It caught people's attention, that's for sure. This can only be a good thing.

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