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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
I personally have underestimated the drawing power of such a pop-culture icon such as Superman. For too long I have been listening how he has huge hurdles to overcome with the GA, how there is little interest in Superman and how he is not even close in movie popularity to the likes of Batman, Spider-Man and even Iron Man. Now this may be true, but the other points have been grossly exaggerated for too long and I fell in the trap of that. People like Superman and they want to see a GOOD Superman movie.
Agree with every word. I'm actually starting to think now that it's really only the nerds where this whole 'Anti-Superman' perception has come from.

But it ultimately comes down to MOS being a good film. If it wants to have legs at the BO never underestimate strong word of mouth. It's gonna need it if it doesn't want to get forgotten behind a sequel to a VERY successful Pixar movie in it's 2nd week of release. Scratch 'good'. I kinda think MOS has to be a 'great' film. And I'm positive it will be.

The truth is that the GA will recognize quality. Doesn't matter who's in it. If it's Roger Rabbit or Howard the Duck. If it's a great film people will know.

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