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Default Re: Should Batman be portrayed as a Protagonist or Antagonist in this film?

Originally Posted by Masone View Post
Batman should come to Superman's aid instead. Batman is too smart to be tricked like that. If the evidence is overwhelmingly against Superman and everyone is against him, that should be the time Batman comes to his aid, to show how he wouldn't fall for someone's BS tricks.
I like that but Luthor gotta be scheming, maybe trying to win Bruce Wayne, not Batman, over to his side or something. Maybe Lex gives Superman crap about being a dangerous alien that destroyed half his city and everyone goes along. Then Bruce goes undercover as Batman and discovers something sinister about Luthor. Also here's a chance for Lois Lane to shine as she is defending Supermans reputation in the paper and through investigations of her own.

Also, i too believe that Batman is too smart to be tricked. I never said he would fall for the Bs, just that he would be subjected to it.

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