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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 47

Watched the movie for the first time today. Overall i enjoyed it but it raised quite a few questions that maybe somebody has answers to.

(Minor Spoilers)

Shouldn't Wolverine have been in Vietnam with Stryker when his consciousness was sent back in time?

Xavier being alive doesn't make sense and even if you think they wanted to act like The Last stand didn't happen you couldn't since in Wolverines mind younger Charles watched his painful memory of killing Jean/Phoenix

Time travel in movies is always a difficult subject matter to tangle with but wouldn't every event that was being altered in the "new" past create new futures so that everything the old cast was doing while waiting on the Sentinels to arrive is no longer going on? If you accept that its possible to time travel in order to change the future it seems silly to keep going back to the present time (or future) and acting like its still going on, right?

Silver Surfer was awesome, wish there was more of him. Also the story was predictable in the sense that before any of it happened we knew Wolverine and co. would succeed in changing the past. The real interesting parts will be when they decide to fill in the new timeline from 1973 to whatever year it was Wolverine woke up in at the end

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