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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
You are getting more and more trollish every single day.

You spent months and months talking about Cavill and how you wanted him as Superman, you were practically obsessed with the idea. Cavill has been cast as Superman, and you spend more time saying the same thing over and over again about "Superman Returns". The horse is dead dude, stop beating it. It's a waste of time and you're giving everybody a headache, including the moderation staff.

Why don't you go enjoy discussing the new Superman flick and stop fretting over something you didn't like. I have never seen anybody talk about something so much that they scream at the top of their lungs that they hate.
I don't know, I feel like I come close sometimes!

I think it's an indication of how polarizing SR is. There are a number of folks who absolutely despise it, and some who love. But the majority are somewhere in the middle and really don't care about it.

To be honest, it's more engaging and interesting to discuss what you don't like as opposed to what you like. There's only so much 'rah rah' that is palpable. But when you get into a good argument about the merits or lack of merit of a film that is engaging. And addicting.

I really haven't thought much about SR until the Snyder film started getting some actual news and then Singer's news item. I actually plan on watching it again in the next few days after Superman:TM and the Donner cut of II. I'm hoping it will put a little different perspective on it for me. It's a Superman film, I want to like, but so far my attempts have been in vain...

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