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Default Re: Battle Of The Super Villains 2013

It comes down to Zod vs Malekith, I'd say Zod, but only by a hair...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Hmmmmm.......I'd say Zod, but Malekith would be close, the others, not remotely close. Given that Zod had all of Superman's powers, and no reservations about killing anyone who wasn't Kryptonian, on the other hand Malekith had the Aether.

Not sure how movie Zod's powers work against magic, and of course he'd be more invulnerable than Thor, and much faster, with some decent fighting skills, but could he stand up to the Aether ?

The key is who gets in the first decisive strike.

I think if Malekith was able to use the Aether at full power against Zod it might take him out, but if Zod got in the first strike he'd rip Malekith in half, and then into much smaller
pieces -Malekith without the Aether, not a hope in hell.

We've already fought about how hot heat vision is, and Zod has no worries about using it against people. I reckon he could fry Malekith or cut
him in half, if he got a powerful blast of heat vision in first.

So either Malekith or Zod, and either one of them would wipe out Killian and the Silver Samurai in about as long as it takes to type their names.

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