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Default Re: Will Natalie Portman reprise the role of Jane Foster?

Originally Posted by Liam_H View Post
Portman does not have to be in the Avengers, she's the main reason Thor wants to go back to Earth but there is a great threat with Loki and his army to deal with. Its like Banner wouldn't have to go see Betty once he gets on the team even though he wants to.

Jane was set up as the one to bring him back at the end of Thor, 'She searches for you'. She was working with Selvig. If he is there where is Jane? She should be in it. A mention is the least they could do.

Natalie isn't semi-retired. She said she admired Audrey Hepburn's decision to quit when she had a family not that she would make that choice herself. She said that she would take each thing as it comes.

I hate recasts but if they have to recast her I'd go with this lady.
I'd rather they recast than lose the role completely. Then we'll be stuck with Sif.

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