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Default Re: Will Natalie Portman reprise the role of Jane Foster?

As an actress and as a person I really like Natalie Portman in a BFF way. I loved her portrayal of Jane Foster a lot. I don't think that she's consider being in another Thor movie as beneath her status despite winning an Oscar either. I'm sure she'll be back in some capacity in the future, but what I would like is for them to cast Donald Blake and have Jane go back to him. Thor and Sif should be paired up for obvious reasons, but as with the comics Raganarok should come to pass and leave Thor without Sif or Jane. I think it would be interesting to see Thor handle this loss of love with poise through the apparent death of Sif and to Jane by her falling in love with another man. Alternatively it would be interesting to see how Loki would handle things if he were to find love with another woman other than Sigyn, because as I seem to have gleaned from researching the characters in the comics he wasn't overly affectionate towards her. But I'm digressing! If Natalie does check out this forum from time to time, I would like to see her come back down the line when the little tot is old enough. She's such a wonderful person and I'm happy that she has herself a little family to prioritize above anything else!

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