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Default Re: Wii U in 'development hell', claims tipster

Originally Posted by Geo7877 View Post
I would be all for this. The Gamecube and the Wii are the consoles I owned but never played because Sony and Microsoft were doing better things. I can't keep buying consoles I will only use when Nintendo randomly decides to release a decent game, which is excruciatingly rare.
But Nintendo does have good games, the problem is Microsoft and Sony have support from most of the 3rd parties so they're getting good games from multiple developers, in addition to having their own first party releases. Nintendo would have to do the work of multiple companies in order to keep up with that.

But yes, I know it's Nintendo's fault. There's always something inferior about their hardware so they're always getting passed over. Carts, mini disks, hardware that's a generation behind. I get so sick of my favorite developer being the one that makes all the mistakes.

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