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Default Re: Marvel Legends Spider-Man

I wish it was easier to post pics from my phone, but overall, I think the Spider-Man Classics gave us better Spider-Men than Marvel Legends did. I think the best Spider-Man and my favorite one is the Snap Shot Spidey from the Classics line. The articulation is amazing. Every finger moves. Double shoulders and he is the ONLY red and blue Spider-Man who can successfully pull off a four point crouch. Plus, he has a very John Romita mask. It's incredible! That's the one I use in my display, right in front. Followed closely by the Deadly Foes box set, then the Mcfarlane Super Poseable one.

My favorite Black costume is also from the Classics line. I forget which wave and what its called, but its the one that came with the dumb red hang glider. Because, of course, where would Spidey be without his hang glider, amiright? But again, the articulation is amazing with the double shoulders. Then, the Back In Black Spidey from the Hasbro Legends followed by the original wave 1 Spider-Man Classics Black Costume.

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