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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
That's the thing though. We really don't know Cavill's Superman.

Cavill's Superman was wandering Alaska in his 30's with no drive to make a difference on Earth, only helping situations that arose around him. Compare this to the young Clark in Birthright, who's traveling the Earth as a journalist and pro-actively learning as much as he can so he can help. Or the young cocky social activist in the New 52 Action Comics, where Clark is an idealist and is fighting against 'the man' in his Bruce Springsteen t-shirt and jeans.

Jor-El in MOS tells Clark 'You can save all of them' and 'you can be all these things to them, yadda yadda'. Then there's the heart-breaking panel in All-Star where Pa Kent has died and he's flying as fast as he can to even his hair has caught fire and screaming 'NO I CAN SAVE EVERYONE!'. Not to mention Cavill's Clark just watching his adoptive father die in MOS, because he would have to out himself if he saved him. But that's a 'mistake' that Clark would make to save anyone, at least based on the character we know from the comics.

Cavill's Superman has no drive or ambition. His ghost dad basically tells him what to be. It's all just circumstance. And then to top it all off he kills Zod.

Do we really know this character?
Er, we do know Cavill's Superman. He said "You can't control me, and you never will", and also "I'm here to help, but on my own terms".

Does that sound like a man who's going to become a government lackey because he desperately wants to make nice with the military?

No. So if he ends up doing anything for the military (which seems doubtful), it would most likely be in the form of some major coercion, or perhaps even a ploy on his part to gather information.

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