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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Tempest View Post
Er, we do know Cavill's Superman. He said "You can't control me, and you never will", and also "I'm here to help, but on my own terms".

Does that sound like a man who's going to become a government lackey because he desperately wants to make nice with the military?

No. So if he ends up doing anything for the military (which seems doubtful), it would most likely be in the form of some major coercion, or perhaps even a ploy on his part to gather information.
I was about to post exactly that.

Also the TDKReturns plot is outdated. Not that government conspiracies do not exist (especially with the recent surveillance system) but it would be of bad taste if you do it right away.

I am in for TDKReturns adaptation in a Batman Trilogy with Ben Affleck in his 50s. Solo films with Superman having a role similar (but not as boyscouty) as his role in TDKReturns. Include cyberpunk/dystopian elements, the economical crisis, sons of batman. It's going to be biblical, but its too soon for that.

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