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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 6

[Tempest] I agree the third act of MOS was just a little too long. I didn't mind the tentacle fight, but I thought both that and the fight with Zod took a little too long.

But I'm still confused about the destruction thing. What did you want him to do specifically that would have made it better? I don't get hung up on destruction and the lack of acknowledgement in films, because that's not an important aspect of the film for me.
@Tempest I don't think the third act was long.. IMO it was just the scenario where two powerful beigns fight and obviously for me it was not long not short it was just the right time
Also the acknowledgement (for me the cementery scene was a little thing in memory of the casualties) could be used as a key in the MOS2 intro making the impact double and not resting the impact of the DP and the CK child, just as I said in previous post ala TDK-BB leaving in the air (the panic, the criminals, and destruction and casualties closed in that scene)


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