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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by MrsKent26
I'll reply to the content.

The movie didn't come off completely soulless to me. It wasn't as character-driven as I'd hoped it would be, but there were some nice emotional scenes. Some of those scenes weren't written as well as they could be, but the acting was generally good and that's what sold the scenes for me.

About the Zod battle. I think there was some concern shown on Superman's part. I think his scream about Zod was about many things. It was about him learning about how it feels to kill someone (I doubt he'd ever even thought about this before because he probably never thought he'd ever be in a position like that). It was about loneliness, as the last of his kind is now gone and he wasn't usually accepted by humans. And I think it was about the situation. He realized where this fight had led. He realized that many had died and that more would die if he didn't do something. He begged Zod to stop because he couldn't let him kill anymore. He probably couldn't believe how this situation had gotten so out of hand. That's my view on it.

However....I agree with you on some level. They could have shown more. Would it have made the movie better if they had shown superman helping people out of the rubble? Yes, it would have. They should not have skipped that. It would have brought back the human element. I liked that part that showed Jenny being trapped and scared. There needed to be more of that. It would have been fantastic to see superman get off the floor at the end, push his thoughts of Zod aside and pull humans out of the rubble. I think the movie had emotion, but it just didn't take it far enough. It glossed over something important at the end and I hope they try to address it in BvsS.
Respect that but I think calling him a little souless is rude and not to mention nosense IMO, for me has the right amount of emotion, a middle term and the scenes were written great with its issues I can't denny that but specially the emotional scenes were well done and pretty much feeling those moments along the movie taking place.
You know it was an origin movie and the character that needed to be developed was great developed as the main character Superman, the other character were good developed and not too much cause they didn't need it IMO and with potential to be developed in future sequels and not doing the movie too tedious in too much development resting importance to the origin and the main character.
As BB did, the intro of the movie can be from Superman saving casualties from the W.E. attack.
IMO that could take out the effect of joy and hope the kid clark and DP scene had for me, not to mention the double impact that could have as TDK scarecrow thing that BB left into the air (all the panic, the bad guys free and destruction left to the city closed in that scene)


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