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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
1. Why *shouldn't* Hank Pym "steal the show," when *he's* the title character in his own movie? It's "Ant-Man," not "Ant-Man and Wasp." (And I hate to remind you, because I'm not happy about this either, but Wright so far has given no indication whatsoever that he intends to include Wasp in his story about Hank Pym and Scott Lang.)
This is lame. Your arguments are lame. Do you actually think Wasp will be excluded from the MCU? Or are you just that incapable of thinking for yourself? Just because no indication has been made that Jan will be in Ant-Man, you think Jan won't be in the MCU? Or are you just attempting to use that as a part of your weaksauce lame argument? Well I don't deem that as valid logic, therefore I refuse to refute it.

2. Wasp *is* a Marvel Universe character; she *isn't* an Iron Man Universe character.
*They* *are* *the* *same* *universe*

4. Hawkeye's inexplicable appearance in Thor is exactly what Feige has said they want to avoid. He caught the heat from the fans for that scene. Fanboys wanted to see a meaningful cameo, or none at all; not a meaningless cameo that didn't even illustrate or mention who the guy was. Don't think they'd try to do that for Janet Van Dyne, either.
people didn't like Hawkeyes cameo? wtf. Thats the first I'm hearing of this. I thought it was great! Hawkeye = awesome, Thor = awesome, Hawkeye in Thor = awesome.

5. Goes back to #2. Madam Masque, Bethany Cabe, and Justine Hammer ARE characters who are part of Iron Man's mythos. It could very well be that they want to keep another potential IM4 villain(ess) under wraps.

Or: another possibility is simply that Szostak is nobody "famous." And there's no "secrecy" involved; just no hype surrounding a "Face In the Crowd #2" walk-on.
Szostak was in the trailer. Discomposing RDJ no less. Anyone important enough to be included in the trailer, and who can shake up the wad of self-confidence that is Tony Stark (you'd better believe) is more than just "face-in the crowd #2"

I also have no problem believing its a villainess or a supporting character from IM comics, but your reasoning being "Wasp isn't big enough to keep secret" makes no sense when all of his villainesses are less big than Wasp..

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