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Default Re: The Official Costume Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
What sense does a Superman collar make to you?
I really don't need to give you an explanation of why it (and some other stuff) doesn't make sense to me, but as you asked I'll tell you.

A lower neckline (somewhere between CR's and BR's would be a nice compromise) makes it more plausible that Clark could conceal the costume under his civvies. This is Superhero stuff, so a lot of it doesn't necessarily make sense, but at least they should give us some reasons to suspend disbelief ,or make things somewhat plausible. A hard raised dimensional \S/ is another addition that hopefully snyder will kick to the curb along with clunky boots. Btw with a Nehru neckline how does the cape attach? Super snaps? Double face tape?...Kryptonian Velcro? It certainly can't be tucked in. Also if they ditch the trunks, a belt is kind of redundant so why have it? If it's to break up the mass of blue the trunks w/belt accomplish that very well.

If you like that costume that's all that really matters, but I'm still hoping for Henry's costume to be a Curt Swan/ old Jim Lee look.

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