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Default Re: First Class Sequel Countdown

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Sincerelly, the best X-Men stories don't involve the rest of the marvel universe, the x-men universe is big enough to stand on its oun. And Fox is now giving more freedom to their directors, not to mention that Bryan Singer is controling this franchise, and he's the right man to that job.

Daredevil's rights should be wherever spider-man's are, Daredevil being ouned by SONY would fit much more than him being ouned by Marvel Studios, unless Spider-man goes to Marvel Studios too.
Who said they all had to team up...?

You're obviously missing the bigger picture here. Because of Fox we'll never see the Shiar, Annihilus or Silver Surfer in a Gaurdian's based "Annihilation movie" which on that scale could rival anything George Lucas has done in the last 10 years. Plus you and I both know that Fox doesn't know what to do with any of those characters. And because of Sony, we'll never see Norman Osborn lead a "Dark Avengers team" on the big screen. Or how about Iron man taking on a team of Doom bots in a short cameo??? The possibilities would be endless if Marvel had all of it's rights back. Sadly Dare Devil is going to end up like The Ghost Rider and The Punisher as long as he's in Fox's back pocket.

And despite your blind faith in Singer. I feel that we've seen the limit of what that Studio can or will do with this franchise... Sure you can't go wrong with characters like Magneto but what about the rest? Their backwards continuity has ruined the entrance for other X-men characters. But I'm sure that wont stop them from shoehorning them all in there at some point but that just doesn't sit well with me as an X-men fan. I think they deserve better.

Maybe it's just me who can see a more potential if these lost Marvel characters where with Disney. But I know for Galactus's sake it couldn't possibly be any worse....

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