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Default Re: First Class Sequel Countdown

oh yes another of the marvel studios Is great and everyone else Is terrable.

I don't want X-Men or FF characters to prop up Avengers related films.

Marvel studios doesn't seem to realize that more are aware of 616 universe than Ultimate
universe.People were reading marvel comics before ultimate Spider-man and ultimate
X-men In 2000.

X2 and X-Men first Class have better ratings on RT than most marvel studios films besides The Avengers and Iron Man.I will take X-Men,X2,and First Class over most
marvel studios films Including Iron Man.

Marvel has proven they can ride roughshot over directors like Fox.Iron Man 3,Thor:The Dark world,and Captain America:The Winter soldier all being done by new directors.And
both Thor and Cap directors are being done with people who don't have exceperence or vision of Bryan Singer or Matthew Vaughn.

If Marvel cares so much about characters why have we had 3 banners In 3 different
films.And why instead of hulk sequel they are doing a TV show where we will probally see
Hulk on screen for 5 minutes an episode.And why do they Ignore the comic book version
of Bruce Banner In favor of a film version of TV David Banner(That was the Banner we
saw In The Avengers)

Marvel studios only cares about Avengers related films.GOTG Is being made to further lead Into The Avengers 2 with Thanos.Where Is Dr Strange?Where Is Sub-Mariner?
Where Is Punisher? Where Is Blade? Where Is Black Panther? How many years have
they talked up ant-Man?a Test doesn't mean anything.A test was done for deadpool.

I don't want to wait 10 years for another X-Men film.That's exactly what would happen
If marvel got rights to it.Considering how tired I am of reboots I certinly don't want them
to get hold of X-men.And we certinly don't need another Spider-Man reboot after the
Amazing Spider-Man.

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