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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
I am a DC fan. (I admit.)

But, it is ridiculous to say that Henry Cavill is Ten times better actor than a senior actor like Robert Downey Jr.

A big credit for making Iron Man franchise and Avengers successful goes to RDJ. Same for WB's Sherlock Homes movies. Not to mention multiple critically acclaimed movies.

I like Superman, but Iron Man 3 is going to be this year's most successful movie.

Now, I think that MOS will be really good movie that has potential to make Superman popular again and it will make about 700 mil worldwide. It certainly looks a lot better than Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV and Superman Returns.

I cannot understand naysayers who don't like MOS simply because of Snyder's other movies or because Nolan is involved with it or because it is following a "grounded" approach.

Edit: For IM 3, i don't mind plot twist whatever that is, as I liked TDKR and the ending did not stop it from becoming a successful movie, regardless of the fact that some fans were not in favor of that.
but when jla is made it would be because of man of steel Henry's movie so it can't be that ridiculous dude .

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