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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Iron Man 3 will probably get average to above-average reviews,
and rake in the most money.

MOS.. i don't know. I was never really a fan of Supes, and
the trailers haven't really won me over. Part of me thinks his
time is over (for motion pictures, that is. He'll live on in comics and cartoons forever)

Today's GA wants heroes they can relate to, and an invincible
man from another planet, who has no flaws, and a boy-scout like personality, won't have people rushing to the theaters.

Reasons why TDK and Iron Man did so well were characters like
the crazy and comical Joker, and the first arrogant and self-absorbed superhero, Tony Stark,
both played by A-list actors.

Superman has a boring boy-scout personality who was played-out a long time ago. Pasting a beard on him to make him look like Bruce Wayne in Begins
and attatching the Nolan name to it won't change my mind. It just reeks of desperation on WB's part.

Also, I can't stand Amy Adams.

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