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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by Visualiza View Post
That's not the point; point is that you made a fairly outlandish declaration, and despite several reasonable rebuttals from several different people, you outright refuse to entertain anything remotely contrary to your stance on the matter. You seem completely incapable of impartiality. If this is how you plan on debating with folks, then don't expect many people to show much, if any, patience with you at all. Ciao.
your calling me incapable of being impartial ? when i quoted Michael Shannon who actually watched the movie you flat out dismissed it because he was his co star so it sure seemed like your point to me .

fairly outlandish declaration ? no that was the guy who called me retarded when he never viewed my medical records .

you rated the iron man franchise at the very top in the thread What are your top 5 "first in the series" superhero movies? you left out Nolan's batman begins and your calling me impartial in a man of steel vs iron man 3 thread ? man of steel is influenced by batman begins .

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