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Default Re: The "I'm super excited" thread

Originally Posted by Six View Post
I'm super excited for this movie because its so different from anything we've seen so far. Its going to be interesting to see how they handle Ant-Mans powers from a VFX point of view. And they've got some great talent on this thing. Edgar Wright is great, Paul Rudd is a funny guy(haven't seen his acting chops yet but we'll find out here) Michael freakin' Douglas as Pym, and they've got Steve Price doing the score, and he just won an oscar for Gravity, so this movie could be really good.

I have a feeling people are going to be flocking to see it, mostly because it comes out so soon after the Avengers 2. People who otherwise wouldn't be interested in Ant-Man will check it out just to see the next big thing in the MCU.
i'm hoping that Rudd brings in the soccer moms. Douglas will take care of the film snobs. and Evangeline Lilly will sweep up the rest.

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