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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - - - - - Part 19

I don't think this ever got posted:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Composer Henry Jackman Talks Designing Themes, and Cap's Moral Super Power

I like the bits where he talks about Winter Soldier's individual theme(s):
I did something really, really radical for the Winter Soldier because when I first looked at the footage, I was like, he's a kind of mechanized, crazy, violent, unstoppable, rampant kind of half-being. I remember thinking to myself I don't want it to be just an orchestral piece of music. I said, "I should make a record of the Winter Soldier's theme -- just a six-minute record. I should do something radical and just see what they say." It may not stay like that, but at least if I do that I'll come up with a musical identity for the Winter Soldier that's a long way from the expected and the orchestrally sort of generic.
...there's a human element to the Winter Soldier that gets revealed toward the end of the film, the Winter Soldier starts off unrelenting and brutal and mechanized and almost Terminator like but the difference between The Winter Soldier and Terminator is that somewhere behind the wires and all the mechanization is a character that we know and we care about and that more importantly, Cap knows about and it's very painful to him.

So one of the things I ended up doing with the Winter Soldier was I spent literally ten days just on production with vocals because I wanted to get the sensation of a human trapped inside machinery. So I did a lot of vocal recordings and then processed the living hell out of them to get these tortured, time-stretched human cries of someone who has been so processed that it's become mechanized at the same time but you can still hear the human in there.

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