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However, you don't have to spoil anything major. A few promo pics of Zod wouldn't spoil much. A few promo pics of Lois wouldn't spoil much. Its not like you have to dish out plot points. The "marketing = spoilers so that's why WB is avoiding it" argument is absurd. That's a completely backwards way to think about marketing.

But then, it is right in line with your argument from yesterday that "marketing is only to create awareness, not build interest."

Also, where has WB stated that they want to keep MOS "spoiler free?" I keep seeing this touted as fact, as if that's the reason behind their whole marketing strategy, when I've never seen such a statement from the horse's mouth.

What makes me think WB is trying to keep MOS as spoiler-free as possible?

Maybe becuse they did the SAME thing for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. And who was responsible for those films? Oh right, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer..
The same 2 people who are involved in MOS (Nolan may be a producer, but he's not a name-only type - the fact he talks about MOS and chose the director proves he HAS an influence).

And the fact that the Dark Knight Trilogy made WB over 2 and a HALF BILLION dollars, using the low-key marketing?

Yes, you're right. There is NO WAY WB would ever consider trying to make MOS spoiler-free, because its NEVER worked for THEIR approach, has it?

You sound like you just want to see Zod only. You seem to forget that Zod is NOT the selling point of MOS - HC's Superman is. He's the focus, HE'S the most important marketing tool. It's why EVERY marketing piece so far is focused on him alone - posters of him only, trailers focused on him ONLY, images released of SUPERMAN ONLY. Please stop comparing this to films like Spider-man 2, TDK / TDKR. In the first film (reboot), the main character is THE most important person to market - the villain does not count.

Don't believe me? Then google for the Batman Begins Scarecrow / Ra's poster? Try the 1989 Batman Joker poster......

Thats right, they don't exist.

Those wanting a Zod poster instead of Supes in chains? Missing the point. Zod won't sell this film, Superman will.

Hopefully this film will be successful, and we'll have a MOS2. Whoever the villain is for that WILL be the marketing focus.

There's also a harsh truth that everyone here needs to understand. MOS is the underdog right now. It cannot compete with IM3 and STID because of one simple fact:-

The previous films.

ST (2009) and the Avengers/IM2 are still in the minds of the audience, which is why these new films are eagerly anticipated. Even if MOS is the greatest superhero film EVER, it is still an underdog. If you don't believe that, then you are deluded.

TDK was a huge success because it built on BB. X2 succeeded by building on X1 (equally, the huge opening weekend of X3 was due to the success of X2).

MOS is a REBOOT, following an unsuccessful previous film. How can it possibly compete with 2 established franchises that people have waited years for? It can't, not really. A MOS sequel, OTOH, COULD. But thats not what we have here.

I am not defending IM3 and STID. Hell, I have issues with WB for SO MANY bad decisions over the years. But for MOS? No problems so far...

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