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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post

I love TDK. If the characters were preachy like that I haven't noticed in the many times I've seen the mvoie. But you're right about B89. What I like the most about Burton's movies is that he'd refuse to spoonfeeding you with anything.

He shows and doesn't tell.
That's what i dislike about Nolan's Bat movies, and his movies in general. Spoon feeding. Too much exposition heavy dialogue. He's like the anti- Mamet or Sorkin. Dialogue that has characters explaining their feelings or the themes of the movie is probably my biggest pet peeve. Gordon's speech at the end is unbearable for me. He is literally breaking the fourth wall.

I mean i'll use a recent example. The movie Drive. Ryan Gosling's character has barely any dialogue. He says a lot with his eyes and facial expressions. I get the feeling if Nolan directed it and wrote it, he'd be going on long monologues about his feelings or whatever.

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