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Default Re: Worst part of TASM

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
How does it interfere with the character's essence? Peter Parker keeps being a normal good-hearted kid, loving uncles, shy, smart. The "everyman" aspect you mentioned, the element of "This could happen to anybody" is still the same. Peter Parker has never been just every man and what happened to him couldn't happen to just anyone. If he hadn't been a science student or had been just the average student, he would't have attended to the experiment, to start with.
I already said why in my original comment. If we don't agree, we don't agree.

Oh? Thought your argument here was that Raimi had got right what Webb didn't?
Yeah, when did I say that? My praise of SM1 is limited to what was stated in that post. It was not a beat-for-beat glorification of one movie over the other. If it came off that way, here's clarification.

Bland? By bringing up Flash's weaknesses (his intellect), he totally nullified the guy's macho attitude by, precisely, remind him that "nerds" are better than him in something. And her message was pretty clear. Gwen was too smart to follow Flash's language, that understands everything under the macho perspective.
But why would she follow up this disgusting, outrageous display of aggression with a thinly-veiled insult? It feels so tame, and yes, BLAND. It doesn't click and I don't buy it, sorry.

"Convulted-as-hell motivation" as in "Spider-man saves people and those people are inspired by that"? Isn't this inherent traditional Spider-man stuff right there?

The scene does explain the actions of the crane guy as directly derived from Spider-man's heroism and he does get to help him back. But giving actions a background is falling flat.

It's not just random people coming from nowhere, throwing sticks and cheesey lines to a villain that, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, decides to stay still for the first time ever, and NOT attack back even when he has every reason, opportunity and ability to. In TASM you get a story behind the scene.
The SM1 equivalent was lame too, but TASM's feels so damned forced to me. Why would the Dad assume he could use the cranes if he can't make use of the billion tall buildings that are lining up the avenue? And I'm supposed to get all emotional when I'm aware that Spider-Man has never before needed cranes to swing, and he won't ever need them again? No way, Jose. The scene just falls flat to me.

And exactly, for how many people does the scene fail so we can't ignore it?
Are you really asking me to list them one by one? I've seen that brought up as a low point of the movie countless times. If you haven't too, then you haven't. I find that hard to believe, though.

Let's keep the resentment to a minimum, shall we, guys? This is just a silly movie we're discussing here.


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