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Default Re: Worst part of TASM

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
Oop, someone's pissy. Gotta work on that tolerance, hoss.
I'm not pissy, I'm just admitting that there is no point in arguing. We're literally going in circles, man.

Originally Posted by thejon93 View Post
I always hated how Peter casually took advantage of his powers at school (chucking a football at the crossbar and breaking the basketball net, which are both impossible, not to mention he did it in-front of the whole school, not a very bright choice for a supposed bright kid who makes his own Spidey suit and web-shooters).
I don't understand why you are using the basketball net as an example considering that was before he actually become a vigilante. The football scene however is pretty bad and could have been cut from the film, so that just shows you how important editing is when it comes to film.

Originally Posted by Peter Parker
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