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Default Re: Worst part of TASM

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
That said, the kind of intelligence to build a machine and the one to make good decisions in everyday life are different.

That said, taking advantage of his powers is what he does, it's part of the story. It's like when Peter fought Flash in Raimi's movies.

Now, what he did with the football went unnoticed. And the basketball thing was like Peter beating Flash Thompson (the strongest bully around) in front of the whole school, moving and jumping like he did, even punching the bully good 20 meters and after the school saw spider-webs coming from his wrists!

Well, coming from a Raimi trilogy where that kind of humor was the star time and time again, I'd say we're improving.
I see where you're coming from. It shows that Peter's human, but I thought those two scenes were incredibly cheesy and poorly-written all the same.

I enjoyed the Flash fight in Spider-Man because it was during Peter's final days in high-school, which gave the kids something to remember Peter by (similar to Spider-Man 2, I imagine that it's a secret they pass amongst themselves that they know who Spider-Man really is because of that incident). Flash himself pays his respects to Harry, who he bullied too, at the end of Spider-Man 3, which I thought was a nice inclusion.

The football didn't go unnoticed. Remember the coach looks at him up on the rafters and Peter acknowledges him? Even the trailers have the coach asking Peter "Wanna play football?" after he does it or something along those lines.

I thought the Raimi trilogy had a much better sense of humour about it. It didn't take itself too seriously, at least, like this recent update has. While I'm excited for the sequel, nothing will ever change my mind about this film. I still think The Lizard is a poorly-written villain, I'm still disappointed at the lack of great action scenes (besides the excellent school fight scene) and it tries too hard to cram in too much into one film, which makes it feel pretentious at times (especially when Gwen reveals to Peter that she basically knew exactly what Capt. Stacy told him on the roof, just seemed very odd and out-of-character). A lot of this film makes no sense to me, like when Capt. Stacy finally finds out about The Lizard after the school attack and yet still insists on going after Spider-Man instead (even after The Lizard turns a couple of officers into lizard-people).

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