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Default Re: Worst part of TASM

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
The only time that bothered me was when he took off his mask after the high school battle. That was just totally unnecessary.
yeah 2 times another person(Lizard or Captain Stacy) took off his mask, Peter only took him off his mask either to calm down a panicking boy in order to save him,and when he was waiting for a signal/vibration that could lead him to the Lizard in the sewers but until then was just playing games on his phone.I agree the only really unnecessary time was after the high school fight, because although there was no one there with him but what if the police was coming when he was in the costume with the mask off?

Wasn't their more times Tobey had his mask off and some of them were more unnecessary as well. I understand they want to give the actors facetime since it's harder to get emotions under a mask like the Raimi and the first Webb Spidey costume but still.

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