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Default Re: Worst part of TASM

I didn't get any impression that Captain Stacy hates Spider-Man or wanted to turn the city against him. He is a police officer and Spider-Man was taking the law into his own hands. He wanted to have Spider-Man arrested. That is similar to JJ sure, but he has totally different reasons. JJJ has irrational, actual hatred for Spider-Man. He doesn't trust him, because of the mask. And he's trying to sell papers. Captain Stacy was not actively trying to turn the public against Spider-Man like Jonah.

Plus once Captain Stacy learns who Spider-Man is, and that he is the only one capable of stopping the threat they are dealing with, he changes his mind.

I guess they both serve a similar purpose in their respective movies; to convey the ambiguous nature of Spider-Mans actions and how differently the citizens of the city react.

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