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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Funny you should start this topic now since it's been two days that I've given this some serious thought. Well, "serious" as in enough to start writing small summaries of each episode...

Anyway, what I would do is set the story in a different universe from the Nolan's Batverse to make sure I can take any creative direction I want and won't have to maintain some sort of continuity.

Yet the series would tell us of the beginnings of the caped crusader as well. Bruce Wayne has just returned from his seven years abroad and starts to wear the cowl and fight crime in Gotham. In each episode, Batman would have to go back to a particular episode of his training abroad to overcome the episode's climax.

This would allow me not only to have Batman on screen but also to be able to go back to all the different adventures he lived abroad, the different characters he met and who played a part in his becoming the dark knight. But the remembering part of the episode would not just be a 2 or 3 minutes interlude in the action but the major part of each episode.

It would actually tell the story of how Bruce Wayne gathered enough skills to become Batman, with the latter only appearing for a few minutes in each episode (and it's true what they say, less is often more). So yeah, you may consider this as a BatSmallville show, the only difference would be that each episode would actually be a flashback with nowadays scenes edited into it (Although for all I know Smallville could be that as well, I've never watched a single episode).

On the whole I think the concept could last for one season. Each episode would show us Bruce acquiring a new skill, whether it be physical or intellectual. After one season of this the concept would probably get old, so the show would have to stop or evolve into something else.

Anyway, I'm pretty surprised WB hasn't tried to cash in on the success of Nolan's films to actually greenlight a Batman live-action TV series... Are they looking for the right person to pull it off, the right concept, or are they afraid it might be too soon after the Nolan's films to offer a new, unrelated version of the character to the audience?

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