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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Originally Posted by Jochimus View Post
What would I do? Probably all the things that Nolan, Bale, etc. wouldn't dare do - Robin, more outlandish villains, a Batmobile proper, the works. But within that, there'd have to be some organization to it, and the jumping-off point would basically be patterned after BTAS' "Robin's Reckoning".

Ideally, I'd probably go for an action-drama focusing on what happens after Batman - who's spent the last few years prior to the series facing down crime bosses and his first few 'Rogues' (Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, and Joker, in that order) - takes on the case of the murder of the Graysons in the middle of their high-wire act. The series essentially would chronicle the kinship between Bruce Wayne and young Dick Grayson - as Bruce becomes accustomed to a sense of humanity and compassion he long thought he'd lost, Dick has his eyes opened to the harsh realities of life outside the big top. The two will experience friction not only in their respective social spheres, but with each other as well, as they won't always see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. The tone of the show would be mostly straightforward with little touches of humor, most of it centered around Robin being a little smart-mouth and Batman practically rolling his eyes wondering what he's gotten himself into taking this kid under his tutelage; I'd want the show to be at least a LITTLE family-friendly because kids will probably end up watching it anyway just 'cuz it's Batman. In this case the Batman/Robin partnership would have more of a sensei/padawan relationship -- there's nothing "chummy" about it.

We would also discover in the pilot that Batman's working relationship with Jim Gordon has hit its first major strain with the recent (pre-series) "birth" of the Joker during a battle which completely destroyed the Ace chemical plant; more than a few cops under Gordon's command are convinced that Batman killed one of the hoods raiding the place (unaware as they are that said hood is now the Joker), and Gordon's getting pressure from D.A. Van Dorn not only from this but because Batman now has a teenager in his employ, which constitutes child endangerment. Not to mention that Gordon's adopted daughter Barbara has taken a liking to Batman and Robin -- which Dad is even less happy about, knowing not only Babs' proficiencies in gymnastics and computers but also her thrill-seeking nature.

In addition, I'd have to confess to wanting to pull a 'freak-of-the-week' here: the ruin of Ace Chemicals by the loss of the plant causes it to enter bankruptcy and its assets and properties are seized by other local chemical operations -- this turns out to be a bad thing for Gotham, because it's learned by our heroes that Ace was trying to stave off its closure by doing some heavy experimenting with its inventory, resulting in all sorts of bizarre chemical compounds making their way to various labs in and around the city. For example, some chemicals normally used in cryogenic work end up in the hands of a desperate Victor Fries trying to save his wife; likewise, chemicals used in agricultural operations end up in the greenhouse of nerdy, maladjusted Pamela Isley; some other mixes are unceremoniously dumped into Gotham Harbor, where they draw the ire of a certain scaly-skinned mountain of muscle, a former circus freak who's been able to exist in Gotham's sewer system in relative peace; others end up in the hands of the genial - if somewhat overambitious - Dr. Kirk Langstrom; some have been recombined into a skin ointment being vigorously peddled over the infomercial airwaves by washed-up-actor-turned-sellout-spokesman Matt Hagen; and so on.

As the first season ends, a major threat to Gotham City emerges as the resulting increase in super-human criminal activity in Gotham also draws the attention of those who see a potential recruitment pool for their own illicit the towering, Venom-pumping mastermind in the luchador mask.
Problem with a show like this and others mentioned is the budget, it would be so high it would end up getting canceled 2-3 seasons in if it lasted that long.

Only way a GOOD batman series will work is if it is highly tamed

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