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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Absolutely Spider-Kurt!

The only Batman TV series to go seriously past Dick-as-Robin and Batgirl is The New Batman Adventures with Tim Drake and Nightwing. Nightwing was of course in Brave and the Bold and The Batman briefly, and there was of course Birds of Prey.

DC Animation are doing their movies now and there's Young Justice coming up, that looks like it's based on the present day comic era, but not many screen Batman versions have reached A Death in the Family, Knightfall, No Man's Land, HUSH etc - great, compelling, world developing stories which only people who read the comics seem to know, unless you've heard the BBC radio drama or watched the upcoming Under The Red Hood movie.

I'd originally thought of doing Year One, but everyone jumps on that bandwagon now, hoewver there is in fact a brilliant fanfiction series on the KryptonSite boards called GOTHAM, which thrusts the Dark Knight into the Smallville universe. He has only finished 5 scripts but it is more true to what I'd like to see than other ideas.

The way I'd present the series would be more focusing on the Detective than the Fighter. It would deal with Batman being a loner once more, following Dick Grayson walking out and Barbara Gordon being shot. Each episode would present a new mystery, and eventually Jason Todd would be introduced and Barbara Gordon would pick herself up and establish her identity of Oracle. A difference will be in this timeline not every villain has appeared yet, so the opportunity to do origins for various characters would still be open.

Not alot of people like the whole freak-of-the-week thing, but who doesn't want to see Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler etc. Maybe Penguin would be starting up in the Iceberg Lounge, Catwoman would be turning from villain to anti-hero, and Joker would be seeing Harleen Quinzel for the first time.

Stylisicially, I'd go for a BTAS feel, the recent fan film CITY OF SCARS would also provide major inspiration.

Later seasons would feature Dick Grayson returning as Nightwing, The Joker murdering Robin, Tim Drake coming in and possibly Bane breaking the Bat. I'm not sure if No Man's Land would work on screen so I'd go for HUSH or The Long Halloween. Bringing back Jason Todd from the dead and killing off Buce Wayne would perhaps be a step too far.

DC-wise, versions of other superheroes could be worked in, however Batman's world seem to be less 'alien' than others, and bringing in superheroes with extraordinary powers may look out of place.

A TV Series allows you to develop characters and arcs on a weekly basis in the way movies can't. And something like 3 13-episode seasons on HBO run would be ideal.

Anyway, that's how I'd like to see a Batman TV series work.

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