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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Here's another idea for Krige, just to mix it up: The Beyonder, or the equivalent role.

Yes, I know the Beyonder was a dude in the books. But as far as I know, his changing Algrim into Kurse is the only time he interacts with the world of Thor at all (and the only reason why is is there is because the character was (for some reason) insanely popular at the time Simonson was writing the story. So everyone wanted to do tie-ins.) So it would be a relatively easy element to change up. I believe he's supposed to be this assemblage of energy that gained sentience and decided to assume hominoid form. So maybe it can choose a female form in this telling.

Or maybe Krige doesn't play the Beyonder per se, but some other character created for the film that fills that role in the story.

Someone has to change Algrim into Kurse. Why not Krige's character?

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