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Default Re: Batman vs. Superman plot speculation

Originally Posted by Sabaoth View Post
All I can say is that I think whatever the story is it will include two iconic scenes from the comics:
The infamous Batman in armor vs Superman scene from the last issue of TDKR
the scene from that Action Comics issue where Clark gives Batman the kryptonite ring.

which implies
Lex would wear the ring for a time as he did in the movie. Anyone here remember Byrne's Superman #2 ?? if they could recreate that Luthor/ Superman confrontation and use Martha Kent instead of Lana, it would be amazing.

If Batman is able to beat Superman in a fight similar to that from TDKR and that Superman also ends up giving Batman a kryptonite ring at the end, then there's no point in having superman films because they've pretty much just emasculated him all the way should they go that route.

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