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Default Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Oh yes if the movie is as good as it looks I'd love for it to break out and do 300mil. Sometimes people are down on Cap calling him boring or whatever, I'd love to see his film kill it at the box office this time.

I think I laughed and chuckled more than the children at my screening of The Lego Movie. It's nice to see a good creative animated film do really well. That song has finally started fading from my mind. lol

I'm glad Suzanne brough up The Lego Movie's success because it proves a point that I've been making since Marvel placed Cap 2 in April and people were worried. The release date does not matter, if someone wants to see a movie they are going to go see it.
The LEGO Movie was a perfect confluence of nostalgia, cheeky and witty script, great reviews, and weather issues that had families seeking movies and indoor activities for the whole family - in the north bay area, our shows were all sold out because the weather was horrible for a week. Perfect for a kid's movie. Even my two-year-old was super into it, and it was right up my husband's alley; he still collects LEGOs.

I'm really glad that Hollywood seems to be taking more chances regarding release dates. Boxoffice blockbusters shouldn't be reserved solely for the summer and holiday times. Jan.-Mar. should have good movies come out too, not just "dumping" ground for studio losses.

I'm hoping The Lego Movie makes studios rethink their release date strategy. More on topic, I really hope that TWS beats the current April BO record holder (FF6 or whatever I think… 86.1 million?) If it works in Marvel's favor, they could be leading the industry in viewing an expanded summer blockbuster season starting in April. Though every month could be a potential blockbuster month.

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