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Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
There's nothing wrong with him visiting her. It would be a way for him to get some type of closure and move on. Probably even for Peggy it helps answer any lingering questions she had. For all we know, she was helping Stark and the SSR/SHIELD look for him all these years.
What "lingering questions".....? The dude blew up in an airplane over the frozen North Atlantic. (As far as she, and the rest of the world, knew.) I'm sure there might have been some ships, planes and/or subs in the area that conducted an immediate search for wreckage and debris in the days (or even weeks) afterward, but it's obvious that they found nothing, other than the Tesseract at the bottom of the sea.

Originally Posted by SnuffTheRooster View Post
Did I, or anyone else for that matter ever say it was incest or any form of incest? No, the fact that your mind immediately jumps to that says something. Nevertheless, its CREEPY, and relationships can be creepy without incest.
Feel free to explain just exactly what you find "creepy" about the situation, then. What taboo do you think Steve violates by hooking up with Sharon Carter? Is he breaking any laws? Is he violating any moral codes? Doing something that the Holy Bible and/or the Moral Majority declares a sin? Really. Please. Do tell.


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