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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
1) The Maria Hill alt ending in no way, shape or form contradicts the theatrical ending of the Avengers. It, in fact, enhances a plot point which most of us Marvelite fanboys had already assumed the MCU would add --- namely, that Hill will replace Fury as head of SHIELD, with Fury's blessing.
In the movie, it is Fury that has the talk with the Counsil. In the deleted scene, it is Hill that does. One of the two could have happened, not both.

2) The TIH alt opening *is* canon, and was, in fact, referenced in the Avengers, when Banner clearly speaks about the scene where he swallowed a bullet and "the other guy" spit it out. The sketchy Cap appearance has never been confirmed beyond just a shadowy blur in the ice; but even if you accept the theory, there is nothing there that necessarily contradicts the Capsicle story arc. In fact, it could enhance it: Hulk's massive strike could have been the catalyst that actually jarred the Flying Wing a lot closer to the surface for SHIELD to locate, and Cap's body might have been frozen nearby and *bounced* closer to the plane. This IS Hulk Smash we're talking about, after all.
Louis Leterrier came out and said that was what it was. Confirmed right there.

But wait a minute, you're saying that Cap's body somehow left the flying wing even though he was still inside when he crashed?

And then, somehow, just because Banner Hulked out, he wound up back inside? All this despite the fact that when SHIELD shows up, they have to cut their way in.


Alright, try this one on for size. Iron Man has a deleted scene where Pepper first discovers Tony in the Iron Man armor in Dubai, rather than at his basement.

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